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Our NEW Vape SEO service


Medic Pro has teamed up with SEO experts to offer Vape SEO – a specialised SEO service for vape brands.


Aim of the service


The aim of the service is two fold:

  1. Get more visitors to your website
  2. Boost your sales


How do we achieve this aim?


By using Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’), we can help your company move up the Internet search results. So when potential customers search the Internet looking to buy vape products your company appears high in the rankings, which increases the likelihood that they click on your website and buy your products.


How is Vape SEO different to just SEO?


Vape SEO is SEO but specialising in vape products: it combines expert knowledge of the vape industry – the latest industry news, science, regulation and safety of e-cigarettes with SEO expertise.

The combination of our knowledge of the vape industry along with our demonstrable SEO results are what set us apart from our competitors.

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How we work

  1. Arrange face-to-face* meeting to understand client requirements, goals, budget and expectations.
  2. Help client choose a suitable vape SEO package
  3. Execute service
  4. Monitor improvements in SEO results and report back to client
  5. Get feedback on service and update package if necessary


* For distant companies the meeting will be by phone.

What makes our service unique?

  • Experts with vape industry-specific experience and a track record of results.
  • Personalised and professional service
  • Face-to-face meetings.
  • Great Customer Service: we pride ourselves on being easily contactable should you have any questions.
  • No conflicts of interest: We have no conflicting interests that interfere with our primary objective of drawing quality traffic to your site and boosting sales:
    • We do not manufacture, sell or distribute our own vape products
    • We have no ties with vape trade associations or any company that manufactures, sells or distributes vape products.

Vape SEO Packages

Our packages include the following services:

Website Audit: Review site content, current backlink status and current ranking

Face to Face Meeting: Face to face meeting with SEO expert to discuss needs of the client and the findings of website audit.

Backlinking: Bolster online presence (i.e. create high quality backlinks)

Webpage Optimization: Optimize webpages for priority keywords.

Write blog posts: Write insightful vape-related blogs posts to help with SEO

Shared Article: Write an insightful article intended for sharing on social media to draw attention from the global vape community

Video Content: Create an engaging and unique video to prolong the time a visitor spends on the site

All packages come with general TPD phone support.


Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO – is a digital marketing tool that companies use to improve Internet search rankings and which, ultimately, helps to boost sales by drawing visitors to a website and builds awareness of a brand.

When a vaper searches “vape store [your location]” or a retailer types in “buy [brand] wholesale” who appears in the search top results? A competitor?

You want to be on first page, at least, and ideally in the top 3 results. Try searching for your company and see where you appear in the rank*.

*Make sure you log out of your Internet search provider account and clear browsing data first. Otherwise, it will not be a fair test.

There are over 200 factors that determine where in the rankings a website appears. We won’t go into too much detail here but quality backlinks and content are crucial.

It is also important to note that in order for a search engine to remain effective and continually provide users with relevant links it must be updated – so the way the engine ranks webpages changes overtime. That is why we use a knowledgeable and experienced SEO expert who keeps track of the changes.

A backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one page to another. When it comes to creating effective backlinks it really is quality over quantity. Large numbers of poor backlinks are unhelpful. That’s why we research and source high quality and industry relevant backlinks.

We will show you a snapshot of your SEO before-and-after:Before we start the Vape SEO service we will undertake a rankings audit and report how much organic traffic you are currently getting from the search engines. We will then show you how this has changed after the service has been implemented. This will make it easy to see how effective our Vape SEO service is: you will see your company move up therankings/get more organic traffic.

This depends on a number of factors including: your current ranking, your budget and the competition level of keywords.Once we have discussed with you your requirements and reviewed your current SEO status we can give you an estimate – it may be a month, 6 months or more.

See answer above. It could be anything from a few hundred to ten’s of thousands of pounds.

Yes. We guarantee that we will improve your SEO. We will discuss with you what results you can expect to get in the initial meetings.